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Is depression linked to violence? Teenage mental health sufferers are TWICE as likely to have a criminal record compared to the general population

Up to 7% of adolescent mental health sufferers have criminal convictions This compares with 3.6% in the general population without depression High rates of depression were previously reported among juvenile detainees Findings emphasise the need for early detection and intervention, say experts Charity said link is exagerrated and sufferers

Ice addiction ‘pales into insignificance’ compared to harms linked to alcohol abuse, AMA say

Australia's peak medical body has slammed the Federal Government's drug policy, arguing its focus on methamphetamine is misplaced and alcohol abuse is a far more pressing issue.     AUDIO: Listen to Stephanie Dalzell's story on The World Today(The World Today) The ten-year National Drug Strategy was released last month, listing methamphetamine as its top

Social Media May Not Be Harming Your Mental Health Like You Think It Is

The idea that social media has negative impacts on our mental health is nothing new, but what if this accepted 'fact' wasn't entirely true? Since the rise of online platforms like Facebook, there has been an increasing concern about the possible effects using such sites can have on mental health. Interestingly, science has found a

Racism puts Indigenous kids at abuse risk, while culture protects them, royal commission finds

Systemic racism has contributed to a heightened risk of Aboriginal children being sexually abused in institutions, research has found. The research report released by Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on Wednesday advises a strong connection to culture can help protect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from

Suicide Risk Assessment Doesn’t Work

New research suggests it doesn’t help—and it may hurt—to rely on a formula to predict the risk of a suicide It is 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon. “My wife is suicidal, Doctor. If you don’t admit her to the hospital, you’ll have blood on your hands on Monday...” If the apparently suicidal

Immigrants suffer higher rates of psychosis

Credit: Pedro Gabriel Miziara/Unsplash Psychosis, sometimes called schizophrenia, is a psychological state characterised by symptoms such as paranoia and hallucinations. In England, one person in every 100 will be diagnosed with a psychotic disorder at some point in their lives. Disturbingly, evidence gathered from Western nations suggests that immigrants experience psychosis

Suicide Attempts, Sleep Disturbance Associated With Internet Addiction

by Batya Swift Yasgur, MA, LSW Adults with severe Internet addiction (IA) suffer from more sleep disturbances and a higher risk for lifetime suicide attempts than adults without IA, according to a new study conducted by a team of researchers in Seoul, Korea. To investigate the association between suicide attempts and sleep in