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Research Unlocks Clues To Language-Based Learning In Children

COLUMBIA, Mo. – According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD), one in five individuals is impacted by language-based learning disabilities—one of the most common being dyslexia, which involves difficulty in reading or interpreting words, letters and other symbols. Now, a new study from the University of Missouri that

Children With Reading Difficulties Are At Elevated Risk For Mental Health Problems

This post originally featured on Curtin University  News. Curtin University researchers have identified and are examining potential research streams which could shed light on why children with reading difficulties are at increased risk of mental health problems. Growing literature indicates children with reading difficulties are at an elevated risk for both internalising

Microcephaly Associated With Significant Developmental Deficits

October 31, 2016 This article originally appeared on Neurology Advisor. Share this content: Infants with postnatal etiology showed worse developmental deficits across all domains. VANCOUVER – Infants with microcephaly face a significant risk of developmental delays and long-term disability, including intellectual disability and cerebral palsy, according to data from a retrospective review presented at