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Ice addiction ‘pales into insignificance’ compared to harms linked to alcohol abuse, AMA say

Australia's peak medical body has slammed the Federal Government's drug policy, arguing its focus on methamphetamine is misplaced and alcohol abuse is a far more pressing issue.     AUDIO: Listen to Stephanie Dalzell's story on The World Today(The World Today) The ten-year National Drug Strategy was released last month, listing methamphetamine as its top

Untreated Psychotic Illness: Stemming the Tide

This article originally featured on the Psychiatry Advisor. In a recent study1 involving 404 patients with first-episode psychosis recruited at 34 community clinics in 21 different US states, we found that the median duration of untreated psychosis was 1.5 years.2Data regarding patients with other conditions suggest even longer intervals between onset of

Histone Methyltransferase PRDM2 Implicated in Alcohol-dependent Behaviors

Prdm2 contributes to key behaviors and long-term neuroadaptations associated with alcohol dependence. New research published in Molecular Psychiatry has identified a novel epigenetic mechanism that contributes to behaviors related to alcohol dependence. Studies using animal models have found an important role for epigenetic processes in the modulation of alcohol-related behaviors and related